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  4. Don’t know why I remembered this guy … He was a character in a rpg I played. His name was Aldaran and he was an unemployed poor professor and a thief. And I was a warrior girl who got lost in the forest with amnesia, until one day I could return to my village and discover that I was the princess. Then the prince, who was my husband, knew he had been caught stealing a decoration of the real castle, and rather than impose a punishment ordered him to give me lessons of history, magic and linguistic for free haha. he was very patient with me, in the end we were even friends and he helped me uncover an evil plan from one of my sisters to exile me from the village. Anyway, just wanted to draw him again ;D

  5. my version of khaleesi, GoT.

  6. witch hunter robin

  7. training some faces with GoT chars

  8. sketching some concepts

  9. He’s a character of a comic Project of mine. He and his sisters have a little business and sometimes he needs to die.

    Tagged #comic #death
  10. Grey Worm and Missandei
    maybe a couple, maybe not… at least he still has fingers and tongue

  11. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, House Martell FTW

    Ellaria and Oberyn ♥

  12. Sketch for a Canivále Wallpaper

  13. Happy Family - Mystique, Azazel and Nightcrawler

  14. sketch

  15. Jane, from Breaking Bad